Simpler! SAP systems and
processes by Integrium

Simpler! — That not only sounds good but is also the number one requirement mentioned by users, system administrators and CxOs. Over the years, in-house solutions and add-on developments have been created, with their own silos, complex interfaces and even entire parallel ‘worlds’ in IT.

Anyone looking to implement new business models with their SAP system, analyse Big Data in real time or simply generate more acceptance for a solution also needs a straightforward route to simplification.

Our consultants and project teams are specialists when it comes to helping you shed excess baggage, tackle complexity and generally make things less complicated. To achieve a SAP system and processes that support your business and your employees.

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Case studies Simplification done properly!

Simplification can help—or be harmful. We work with our customers to clarify their goals. What needs to change in the SAP landscape for the company and its day-to-day work? At both the design and implementation stage, we separate the useful simplifications from the unhelpful, and use our Simplification Scale to visualise them. For how this benefits the customer, see our case studies—real-life examples of our work (and anonymised, of course):

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Integrium How to become
a simplifier

We’d be the first to agree that SAP isn’t exactly famous for being straightforward. At Integrium, however, we’ve discovered that it’s not actually SAP that usually makes a SAP landscape overly complicated.